EDUCATION 30 July 2020


DSPE has taken the initiative to improve the level of knowledge and cooperation in the field of precision engineering in the Netherlands with a new postgraduate program aiming at certification of precision engineers. Based on the demands in the market, the DSPE has selected and qualified the best post-academic courses for precision engineers.


The DSPE assures the level of quality by constant monitoring and evaluating the content of the courses by a program committee supported by the reknown professors. The market is changing: multidisciplinary system thinking is a prerequisite; excellent cooperative skills and knowledge in several relevant disciplines is essential. The joint education effort leads to a common way of working and will facilitate networking among precision engineers, which will elevate the individual knowledge level.

Focus areas are miniaturisation in the semi-conductor and MEMS technology, nanotechnology, applied manufacturing technologies; chemics and biomechanics. We develop your skills in precision of work, tribology, optomechatronics, metrology and control, material treatments, thermo-mechanics and dynamics, vacuum technology and contamination control.

The target group are Precision engineers with a bachelor or masters degree and with 2-10 years working experience

When successfully completed the postacademic program you will obtain a certificate. This certificate is an industrial standard for professional recognition and acknowledgement of your Precision Engineering-related knowledge and skills and allows the use of the title Certified Precision Engineer (CPE) and you will be entered in the international Register of Certified Precision Engineers.

Certification program committee: Chairman Jan Willem Martens, Adrian Rankers (Mechatronics Academy), Piet van Rens (Settels, Savenije Van Amelsvoort), Henk Kiela (Fontys), Erik Homburg (TU Eindhoven), Cor Ottens (ASML), Teun van den Dool (TNO), Sjoerd Postma (DEMCON), Pieter Kappelhof (Hittech), Annemarie Schrauwen (DSPE).

If you are interested in joining the Certification Program, please contact us by email for more information.


Certification process

The Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) has selected and qualified the best post-academic courses for precision engineers.

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List of certified courses

Course (content partner) CPE points Provider Basic Mechatronics system design – part 1 (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI Mechatronics system design – part 2 (Mechatronics Academy) 5 HTI Design principles (Mikrocentrum) / Constructieprincipes voor precisietechnologie (Mikrocentrum)...

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3-DAY COURSE Optomechanical System Design

Unfortunatelly this course is already full.   Optomechanical system design is a truly multidisciplinary expertise that combines optical, mechanical, mechatronic, thermal, electrical, control and systems engineering. It covers (mass) product...

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